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Welcome to AUS, being the first university in the Mediterranean that concentrate on becoming a strong research university. AUS embraces common core values shared by all US European universities such as: academic freedom, non-discrimination, equal access, transparency, embodies the principle of inclusive governance and consultation with all key stakeholders in developing the university, its programs and its policies, and emphasizes on innovation and entrepreneurship. The creation of a new American university in Sicily represents an exciting adventure in higher education that has the potential to catapult the Mediterranean, Sicily and the rest of Italy into a new dimension of innovation that can promote lively economic and social development. Such a venture will be complex and will depend upon the vision of talented people and a strong commitment of the private and civic sectors as well as relevant government agencies at the national, regional, and international levels.
Visiting the city of Siracusa is a special experience, where you meet both traditions and history in one place. Many students from around the world desire to study and live in this island where they can find themselves and explore nature and human relations in campus and develop their knowledge. Siracusa is a learning experience and open museum where you can live and talk about it. We are happy to invite students from all around the world to join our learning programs and get involved in research around topics related to the Mediterranean. more…..
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- President Basha, participated at the ceremony of 11th graduation of the Third Generation University (dell’Università della Terza Età) in Canicattini Bagni. more…
- AUS signed a MOU with Basha scientific center for studies and research (BSCSR) more…
- The New York Times: Siracusa; this ancient city is filled with timeless riches. more….
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- AUS launches public phase of ambitious fundraising campaign (2019-2022). more…
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Our Partners
- AUS Singed various MOUs and Ersamus agreements with European universities as part of its vision to expand collaboration and cooperation and improve the quality of research on topics related to the Meditteranean region. more
- President Basha, participated at the Holocaust Memorial day - 27 / 01 /2020 im Canicattini Bagni in collaboration with the Third Generation University (dell’Università della Terza Età) and the municipality. Canicattini Bagni. more…
- AUS is happy to announce the launch of Facebook page to cover all Sicilian news in Arabic language. The president said to be excited about this official announcement. Through this page, a variety of content will be share in Arabic language to keep people and visitors who speaks Arabic on the top of latest news in the island. It is an innovative way to help the integration of new migrants who are looking for information to their will to live a better life in Europe and still have difficulties speaking the language. The link: https://www.facebook.com/Arabesco-100145361477716
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