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Siracusa Document Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education during COVID 19 We are more powerful than what we think! At a low cost! Sami BASHA Academia Posto Corona I + II / 2020
At the conclusion of the two international meetings (14 April; 22 May 2020), together with more than 100 universities from more than 50 countries, more than 100 academics met together to discuss academia post corona. The American University of Sicily (AUS) who hosted this event is proud and happy to communicate the final recommendations and results of this international initiative under the title: Siracusa Document on the “Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education during COVID 19”. (1) The    American    University    of    Sicily hosted the initiative supervised by its advisory board members and in collaboration with all AUS’s global partners. This initiative is inspired by the AUS vision and mission promoting increased internationalization to enrich academia. The first “Academia post Corona” meeting held remotely on April 14, 2020, was designed to be a dynamic international meeting involving scientists to produce innovative recommendations and propose concrete solutions. The second edition was also held remotely on May 22, 2020, as an effort to give participants a voice and an opportunity to share examples of effective and practical solutions to further the first discussion. We are grateful to many who took part in this, but a special thanks goes to Prof. Gregory Light, a former director of Searle Center for advancing teaching and Learning at Northwestern University and Dr. Rebecca Hopkins, Associate Dean of Learner Support and Transition at Western Technical College -- both are on our advisory board and have worked closely with Prof. Sami Basha, president of the American University of Sicily to bring to fruition these important events and document. (2) Participants were drawn to this important meeting because they are seeking a quality dialogue about the potential role we all have in higher education post COVID. It was a crucial time to revisit roles, examine how the way of life will change with virtual learning and teaching, and discuss the impact of this pandemic on the higher education system worldwide. It was a great learning experience with distinguished speakers who inspired the various discussions. All participants brought their expertise, leadership, vision, knowledge and motivation to the gathering to help pave innovative ways into the future of online teaching and learning.
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