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Sami Basha

Prof. of Sciences of Education / AUS / IT Board Vice President

Rita Sidoli

Former prof. of Special Education / Catholic University of Milan / IT Advisory Board President

Elisabetta Spagnolo

General secretary / AUS - IT Latin and Greek Literature Member

Giuseppe Milan

Ordinary Prof. Of intercultural Pedagogy The University of Padova / IT Member

Fulvio Attinà

Emirit Prof. Political Science and International Relations University of Catania / IT Member

Basma Salameh

Associate prof. Nursing / Arab American University of Jenin / Palestine Member

Gokce Gokalp

Vice Dean - Faculty of Education Middle East Technical University/Turkey Member

Greg Light

Former Director Searle Center for Teaching Excellence Northwestern University / USA Member

Denise Drane

Director, Research & Evaluation Searle Center for Teaching Excellence Northwestern University / USA Member
Advisory Board: At AUSSR, we believe in constantly striving to stretch our horizons. To this end, we are ably guided by our board of advisors. The board of advisors provide guidance and direction for the administration and the institution itself, and to make sure that the university’s offerings are relevant and of high quality.

Rebecca Hopkins

Associate Dean of Learner Support and Transition Western Technical College / USA Member
Kyle A. Long Professor of International EducationCo-Chair, UNESCO Chair in International Education for DevelopmentGraduate School of Education and Human DevelopmentThe George Washington University