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Faculties: our faculties are engaged in our porgrams and projects based on thier field of specilization. Some of them are parte timers and others are totly ful timers involved in AUS. We are so proud to have this international body that provide international perspective of intelectuals and instructures who are dedicated to teach and research together with students and colleagues on various topics related to the mediterranean. In addition to maintaining rigorous standards for admission and graduation, American universities are noted for their commitment to definitive core values. This list below is certainly not complete, but it does provide AUS with some general concepts that the board of trustees should keep in mind as planning for AUS as it evolves as a university committed to graduate education and both basic and applied research:
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Sami Basha

Full time Faculty Guidance and Counseling CV

Elisabetta Spagnolo

Full time Faculty Latin and Greek Literature CV

Adnan Mukrani

Part time Faculty Islamic Studies CV