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Values: In addition to maintaining rigorous standards for admission and graduation, American universities are noted for their commitment to definitive core values. This list below is certainly not complete, but it does provide AUS with some general concepts that the board of trustees should keep in mind as planning for AUS as it evolves as a university committed to graduate education and both basic and applied research:
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HISTORY: Education Specialists, members of the community throughout Sicily, and civic leaders in Siracusa, Sicily’s oldest city (first colonized by Greek settlers from Corinth in 734 BC), have begun planning to establish a new American style university to serve researchers from Sicily, Italy and elsewhere in Europe and North Africa. The American University of Sicily (AUS) established and registered, as a nonprofit association in 2018. Since then, a great effort has been put to build on the models of the best universities. It will join the growing number of dynamic American-style universities that have taken root and are thriving in many European nations, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and South and Central Asia. The steady growth of these American-style universities reflects the growing international recognition of their unique appeal and success as well as their firm commitment to verifiable quality, entrepreneurial energy, active community engagement, and an emphasis on basic and applied research that reflects broader national priorities. The greatest assets of an American University in Sicily will be its emphasis on providing graduate and professional programs of unquestionable quality as demonstrated by the highest level of university accreditation in the USA; its commitment to English as the language of instruction; and active linkages with the best universities in the USA as well as around the world that will contribute to unique partnerships with AUS and its stakeholders. Our own advantage is to become a research university without competing any of the local academic institutions, but to find ways to collaborate and strive to meet the highest international standards of quality as evidenced by US accreditation. AUS will begin with a clear focus on research and professional programs designed in close consultation with local and national stakeholders in Sicily, Italy and worldwide. It will be firmly committed to attaining full academic accreditation by USA accrediting agencies as well as satisfying the rigorous requirements of international accrediting agencies in various disciplines that cover all topics related to the Mediterranean. AUS has a high profile advisory board from the USA; Europe, MENA who are very supportive and walk side by side with its progress and are presents in all of its activities.
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