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"Leading international thought and practice that will shape our knowledge-driven future"
AIO incorporates volunteering, friendship, international spirit, creativity, openness and goodwill. It's about having fun, meeting new people, but also about being responsible, committed and courageous. All of this inspires and produces environment where together we can change something and make an impact at our university, in our country and, in the long run, in the world. I expect that individuals who are motivated to join are active, creative and open-minded people. The values we appreciate most are friendship, responsibility and goodwill. Sincerely yours, AIO Director Our Core Values AIO certainly stands on some values we all share. These values are crucially important to our university and they reflect the way we dream, work, cooperate and communicate. They're independent of time and situations and define our culture. Here's the list of values we live by; * Give & ask for feedback: You have an idea? Share it. Our collaborative thinking can lead to innovation. And maybe it's your idea which will drive the change. * Get involved & involve others: Don't be afraid to take an action. You like some activity in AIO? Get involved. Have new ideas? You don't have to work on them alone. There always are people in AIO who will help you. * Pursure the growth of yourself & help others grow with you: We wholeheartedly believe that education is essential for our future. We see in all students more potential than they think they have and do our best to help them realize it. * Be active, creative and open-minded: Our success is dependent upon active students who explore new possibilities, approach problems with an open mind and innovate with their creative ideas. * Share your ideas: You have an idea? Share it. Our collaborative thinking can lead to innovation. And maybe it's your idea which will drive the change. * Be Humble: We should always be respectful of everyone no matter our differences. It's important to treat others as we want them to treat us. Arrogance is something we thoroughly despise in AIO. * Never worry about making mistakes, but be sure to learn from them: In AIO we are convinced that if we truly want to learn new skills and make a progress, sometimes it is inevitable to make mistakes. We therefore don't mind people making mistakes as long as they learn from them. * Stay optimistic: It's important to believe that we can change and improve things. Without hope, there would be no action. * Expand your horizons: In a globalized world it's important to understand people's background and culture. So go beyond borders and contribute to understanding & cooperation among the nations in Europe and throughout the world. * Believe in AIO spirit. Pass it on: Let's spread the spirit of positive attitude, goodwill, friendship & volunteering all over the world.
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