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MARENOSTRUM: Enhance international relations through collaboration and science diplomacy; and Encourage dialogue between scientists and non-scientists on some of the most pressing issues of our day, specially on topics related to the Mediterranean.
Scientific Committee: (1) Rita Sidoli, Emirt Prof of the Catholic University of Milan - Italy. (2) Denise Drane, Director, Research & Evaluation at Searle Center for Teaching Excellence - Northwestern University / USA. (3) Grek Light, former Director, Searle Center for Teaching Excellence - Northwestern University / USA. (4) Prof. Fulvio Attinà: Emirt Prof of the University of Catania - Italy. (5) Giuseppe Milan, Ordinary Professor of intercultural Pedagogy - The University of Padova- Italy. (6) Walid Basha, Assistant prof. of Molecular Microbiology. Faculty of Medicine and health sciences. Al Najah Unviersty. Palestine. (7) Basma Salameh, Associate professor of Nursing. Faculty of Nursing at the Arab American Universiy of Jenin - Palestine. (8) Adnan Mukran, professor of Islamic Studies - Gregoriana University - Rome. (9) Sami Basha, Professor of Pedagogy - The American University of Sicil (10) Gokce Gokalp, Vice Dean - Faculty of Education Middle East Technical University / Turkey. (11) Rebecca Hopkins, Associate Dean of Learner Support and Transition at Western Technical College. USA
Research Updates
Submitting to MARENOSTRUM: MARENOSTRUM encourages the submission of articles that bear directly on contemporary topic related to the Mediterranean. The papers should be accessible to an audience across disciplines and promote discussion across fields and practices. Submission Requirements: Articles for submission must be previously unpublished and in English or Italian. Papers should be well-written, and we encourage clarity. It is important that papers be copy-edited carefully before submission. In submitting work to MARENOSTRUM, authors agree to the policies of this journal, including free access and use of the material published in it with, of course, proper acknowledgment of authorship. If you have any questions about whether your article is appropriate for CA, send it directly to the editor for a preliminary review. All articles will be blind-refereed except when invited. The decision of the scientific committee is final. Because MARENOSTRUM relies on the generosity of scholars who contribute their time to review articles, we ask that authors not submit their work to other journals at the same time. In sending work to MARENOSTRUM for possible publication, the submitter attests that the work is original and that he or she is the author, that it has not been published, and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Once a paper has been accepted for publication it undergoes a careful editorial process that ensures its conformity to house style (capitalization, punctuation, endnote formatting, etc.) and the best practice of good English usage in academic writing. Changes are usually minor and kept to a minimum, and proofs are sent to the author for approval before publication Formatting the Article : the article should be prepared according to the following guidelines: (1) The length of articles is normally no greater than 5,000 words but should not exceed 7,000 words, including an abstract and notes. An article exceeding the length limit will be returned to the author.(2) At the beginning of the article, the title, abstract and a list of key words should immediately precede the text. (3) All citations should be in endnotes and not in the text. Number endnotes sequentially with Arabic numbers. (4) References should conform to the style displayed in the samples below under Citations and References.(5) Font should be 11- Times New Roman, whether in normal, bold, or italic, including endnotes. Citations and References: Endnote reference numbers should be placed at the end of the sentence. References in articles submitted conform to the Chicago documentation style. Citations of articles published should include author, title, volume number, year, and section number. Rights and Permission: It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission for the use of any copyrighted material, including images, sound, and video files. It is preferable to place images directly in the text but, when permission is unobtainable, it is acceptable to include a link to the image directly in the text. Acceptable File Types: Please submit texts in MS Word, Rich Text Format (RTF). If submitting from a Macintosh computer, please include the three-letter file extension in the file name of your article. PDF files are not acceptable. Images should be in .jpg or .tif format. Naming files: File names should not contain spaces. They may contain letters, numbers, hyphens (-) and underscores (_). No other punctuation is allowed. Files must have the three-letter file extension identifying the file type (i.e. .rtf, .wpd, .doc), whether submitted from a Windows or Macintosh computer.