MISSION : of AUS is to serve the people of Sicily and Greater Italy as a graduate university that focuses on masters and –eventually, on doctoral programs by developing innovative programs of teaching and research of recognized and certified quality. AUS will meet the highest international standards of quality and effectiveness by becoming the only university in Sicily to be fully accredited by USA and international academic and professional accreditation organizations.
VISION: It is the vision of the American University of Sicily (AUS) to become the preeminent American- style University in Sicily dedicated to graduate education and research. From its very beginning, it will be committed to joining the ranks of the very best and most innovative American universities in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and South Asia. AUS will serve graduate students, stakeholders, and every and Sicilian society by being actively and creatively engaged with the people and institutions of every level of Sicilian society as well of Italy. It will draw talented graduate students to Sicily from Europe, the USA, North Africa and Asia.
"Leading international thought and practice that will shape our knowledge-driven future"
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Siracusa, Sicily’s oldest city (first colonized by Greek settlers from Corinth in 734 BC)